Specialist in novelties, Granisel created its newest line, Natura. Natura is not just a selection of natural stones, but a new concept. Natura comes from the characteristics that nature has, from the inexhaustible strength, the nobility of being unique, the purity of being original, the resistance of being timeless and the natural state of existence.

The line arose from the need to serve the high luxury market in natural stones. And it responds to the color trend of pure white, modern gray tones, even the darkest and purest black, standards of excellence, with unparalleled, exquisite materials that adapt to all types of construction, from classic to modern. Stones so especially beautiful and rare that it would not be an exaggeration to call them precious, due to their glamor, elegance, splendor and irreverence.

Find out more at : https://granisel.eu/en/natura-line

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