The Gemstones line is born from the need to assert a set of  natural coverings and give them an exclusive highlight, accentuating the qualities of the most precious materials for construction and decoration.

  With the quality that GraniselReal can offer, the Gemstones line presents a range of natural coverings for the most varied and refined decoration, flooring and/or wall cladding projects, whether interior or exterior.

Inspired by the nobility of natural stones, Gemstones is a selection of natural coatings that have been carefully examined to extract products with high quality and rare beauty.

To respond to the trend of a market that uses materials of excellence and luxury, these coverings  adapt perfectly to all types of architecture, interior design and constructions.

Gemstones features 6 types of unique natural coatings.

Pedra Hijau | Pedra Hitam | Split Face | Tijolinho | Pedramós | opus Set


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