Outdoors Pedra Hijau


🌍 Outdoors 𝑷𝑬𝑫𝑹𝑨 𝑯𝑰𝑱𝑨𝑼 – by Granisel Real ! 🌍 

Outdoors Pedra Hijau

Have you seen our billboards throughout the roads of Portugal?

Take advantage and learn more about the HIJAU STONE on our site :

With the quality and success that Granisel Real is used to offering, this investment would be no different.
With these billboards the goal is to transmit and make known to the society the best natural covering for construction of swimming pools that Granisel Real offers.
Always guaranteeing the best quality of the product and the demanding control processes, assuring excellent results for all projects.


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   Granisel Real in Marble Izmir Fair!

Once again GraniselReal was present at one of the biggest fairs in the market and with the success of this visit to another edition of the marble izmir fair, we only have to continue working to offer our partners the best deals in the natural stone business.


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Ver menos

Obra Granisel – Saint Hubert Cream

Granisel Real carried out another work, with several details.

Saint Hubert Cream, is a limestone that gives a natural touch to floors and coverings, indoor or outdoor, with a uniform appearance throughout its application.

It stands out for its resistance, creating a modern classic atmosphere, highlighting a decoration in wood tones.

After the selection of the best blocks in the quarry and transformation into sheet metal, the cutting and production of this material was supervised by our specialized technicians and carefully packaged, before being shipped.

Always with the best product quality and demanding process, we guarantee excellent results for all projects.

For more information please contact us!

Picasso – Marble

Granisel has 72 Picasso Marble slabs, ready to load!

For more information, please contact us!


3.05m x 1.85m x 0.02m

Thanks for your visit!

Granisel Real thanks everyone who visited its stand at Marmomac 2018.

Once again we were present at one of the largest fairs on the market and we will continue to work to offer our partners the best deals in the field of natural stones.

With the success of another edition of the Verona fair, we can only think about the next opportunity to get closer to the current and future business partners.

Thanks and see you soon!

Granisel launches the Natura line

Specialist in novelties, Granisel created its newest line, Natura. Natura is not just a selection of natural stones, but a new concept. Natura comes from the characteristics that nature has, from the inexhaustible strength, the nobility of being unique, the purity of being original, the resistance of being timeless and the natural state of existence.

The line arose from the need to serve the high luxury market in natural stones. And it responds to the color trend of pure white, modern gray tones, even the darkest and purest black, standards of excellence, with unparalleled, exquisite materials that adapt to all types of construction, from classic to modern. Stones so especially beautiful and rare that it would not be an exaggeration to call them precious, due to their glamor, elegance, splendor and irreverence.

Find out more at : https://granisel.eu/en/natura-line

More news at Granisel

Always thinking about its partners, Granisel continues to work with the best materials on the world market.

Responding to the constant demand for stones from the most distant continents, it recently landed 292 m3 en bloc from Zimbabwe, the named granite of this Central African country, which is immediately available in the Granisel stock.

For more information contact us.

Granisel – Stones of the world.

Arrival of the Royal Black

Granisel specializes in bringing different materials and products that are interesting for its partners.

In this sense, it makes a thorough search all over the world in search of quality stones, that’s how Royal Black landed in its stock, directly from India to Portugal. And despite having arrived in such a short time, 1/3 of the material has already been sold, leaving only 13,677m3 available at the company’s facilities.

To find out more contact us!
Granisel – Stones of the world.

Arrival of the Madame Noir

New deals are made every day at Granisel.

With the constant transit of materials around the world, here are four beautiful blocks from Madame Noir, ready to be polished and transformed.

If you are looking for an exclusive touch for your next project, let yourself be convinced by this fantastic black granite and contact us for more information.

Granisel – Stones of the World


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